for governmental entities

We offer complex management of the accounting agenda for contributory organizations and other governmental entities.

What goes without saying?

  • booking of economic transactions in the accounting period
  • preparation of complete financial statements including partial financial statements for your founding organization
  • accounts inventory at the year-end
  • quarterly internal reporting
  • preparation of tax returns and other obligations for side activities
  • drawing up the budget for next year
  • drawing up a medium-term plan
  • drawing up the depreciation plan for the next year
  • representation at the meetings with public institutions
  • participation in discussions on economic analyzes with your founding organization

What we give you extra?

  • accounting in cloud – 24 hours access to the accounting, documents and reports of your company
  • 100% electronic accounting and documents in PDF
  • preparation of electronic payment orders for internet banking in a bulk
  • physical documents pick up by DPD Private service
  • applications for subsidies in the OKsystem
  • reporting for the Czech Statistical Office (P2-04, VI1-01, ÚNP 4-01)
  • reporting for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (P1-04, P1c-01)
  • reporting for the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic (ISP)
  • reporting for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (V19a-01, V 1-01)
  • reporting for Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (E(MZ) 4-01 ÚZIS)

Where are all the things processed?

financial accounting is processed in the Gordic Ginis Express software

all electronic and digitalized documents are are available on Google Drive Enterprise

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