Payroll agenda

We offer payroll agenda and HR services to employers in accordance with current law including the communication with social security offices, health insurances and finance institutions, pay slip processing, bank transfers, preparation of labor contracts, preparations of reports for labor offices.

What goes without saying?

  • payroll preparation and calculation including deductions, holiday balances and other compensations
  • payroll bookkeeping
  • registration/de-registration of employees
  • reports preparation for social security offices and health insurances
  • calculation of employers’ mandatory insurance payments

What we give you extra?

  • accounting in cloud – 24 hours access to documents and reporting of your company
  • 100% digitization of payroll agenda documents
  • preparation of electronic payment orders for internet banking in a bulk
  • uploading changes about registration/de-registration of employees directly to personal cloud folder
  • classification into grades according to the current salary tables
  • complex preparation of labor contracts (HPP, DPČ, DPP)
  • reporting for ČSÚ, MŠMT, MFČR, MPSV, MZČR, MZe and others

Where are all the things processed?

more complicated payroll agenda and payroll agenda for the governmental entities are processed in the Avensio Software

less complicated payroll agenda is processed in the Money S3 software

important payroll exports and documents are available on the Google Drive Enterprise

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